The best educators we have worked with are not satisfied to merely achieve adequate progress; most want to help students reach their fullest potential academically, socially, and professionally.

Five Reasons to Collaborate with MDED

  1. We know test scores are important. We have worked with many educators, schools and district administrators, and we understand the level of accountability related to test scores that is expected from your community, state and national level stakeholders. We have kids and expect them to bring home good test scores and report cards. Focusing on improving test scores is a worthy goal, but having the multi-dimensional evidence essential to improving test scores is priceless. MDed can provide you with one of the most comprehensive needs assessments of education on the market.
  2. We realize that times are tough and budgets are tight. Even in the states that have received the unprecedented investment in education through Race to the Top monies, school systems are being selective in how they spend their valuable dollars. A thorough examination of the perceptions, attitudes and behaviors of your employees, students and parents can provide great insight into what needs your attention. Instead of spending monies on products and programs that often have little research supporting their effectiveness, why not invest in an organizational assessment (a 360 degrees district diagnosis) that better informs you where your monies should be spent? With MDed you can discover what is working in your schools and what is needed to target positive systemic change and successful school reform.
  3. As educators and psychologists learned long ago, the secret to increasing effectiveness of learning is to increase the motivation to learn. The secret to increasing the motivation to learn and academic achievement is to create an environment where learning can flourish and students want to succeed. This requires an assessment of your whole organization. Instead of administering a multitude of surveys every year that tend to contribute to “survey burnout” and rarely link the findings between the surveys or to achievement data, invest in our affordable Multi-Dimensional Needs Assessment that replaces a great number of the surveys you already use or want to use. Invest in a diagnosis of your school or district that can provide you with evidence-driven solutions.
  4. Our research has found that schools that are outperforming the norm are spending more time with their students, they are approaching instruction as a science not as an art, and they focus on developing what many call character. Such successful schools pay special attention to a multiple array of dimensions meaningful to education such as: getting parents and the community more involved, setting strategic curriculum expectations, developing the whole child, elevating attitudes toward education, improving faculty performance, maximizing leadership potential, and building a school climate that energizes learning and reduces risky behaviors and bullying. Our Multi-Dimensional Needs Assessment assesses all of these dimensions. And it is ONE survey that takes less than ONE class period ONCE a year.
  5. The primary goal of MDED is to help all schools reach their fullest potential. We believe that good education requires a multi-dimensional approach. No matter if you are a single school or large district, MDed can help. Through the use of our evaluation tools and professional development, we can provide you with assessment and training that not only identifies your strengths and challenges, but also provides insights as to which facets within your schools are contributing to or detracting from academic achievements. While our needs assessment might identify your challenges, it also often documents what your educators are doing well. And at MDed we emphasize celebrating and focusing on the strengths of schools to overcome the challenges!


We have the comprehensive tools that make us a valuable partner in helping you create successful schools!

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