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Time for Systemic 360° Organizational Assessment!

More than 70 school systems in 25 states across the nation have embraced the MDed Evidence-Driven Systemic Improvement Process. Administrators are seeing first-hand how a focus on formative data using MDed's 8-Dimension Model for Systemic Assessment relates to increasing achievement, reducing challenges, and building a more vibrant organization. By utilizing the MDed process which collects 360-degree data from students, parents and educators on eight meaningful dimensions of education supported by more than 40 years of research, your organization will be poised for evidence-driven strategic planning toward continuous improvement.

MDED is proud to announce that we have a new online system for collecting data and developing reports more affordably and efficiently. This new data system allows us to work with smaller school districts and individual schools. Just complete the form on this page and we can get you a quote promptly.

You want to assess your school or school district Multi-Dimensionally, but you need a little more help? For as low as $699* per school, MDED can complete your Multi-Dimensional Needs Assessment and provide you with meaningful reports in real time.

*Prices vary depending upon sample size, sampling method, and type of surveys used (e.g., online or paper)

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We realize that times are tough and budgets are tight. School systems must become more selective in how they spend their valuable dollars; all the more reason to do a thorough examination of the attitudes and behaviors of your students, employees and parents. Instead of spending monies on products and programs that often offer little research supporting their effectiveness; why not invest in an organizational assessment that better informs you as to where your monies should be spent and what truly needs fixed? With a Multi-Dimensional Needs Assessment you can discover what is working in your schools and what needs your immediate attention.

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