Frequently Asked Questions

Can we afford to conduct MDED Surveys?

Personally we believe that you cannot afford to not use MDED. However, our data can be used to write grants through sources such as the Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools.

Many schools find that MDED assessment pays for itself by providing priceless insights to academic achievement and an advantage in grant applications. Assessment data is also used to evaluate and justify the need for continuing successful programs.

I’m worried my schools will be “compared” to other schools in my area. Will they?

No. The results from our MDED assessment belong to you. MDED will never share your information with others without your written permission.

How many different surveys does MDED provide?

MDED provides surveys to assess all stakeholders in your schools. Our Multi-Dimensional Assessment (MDA) has been adapted to measure four different groups of participants:

  • 3rd – 5th Grade Students
  • 6th – 12th Grade Students
  • Faculty/Staff
  • Parents/Guardians
    Spanish language Parent versions are available upon request.

What are my different sampling options for surveying our schools?

Ideally, for the most valid and reliable assessment of your efforts, MDED recommends that you consider assessing your whole school system and the stakeholders involved. However, if cost is an issue (or if you would like to first test drive MDED's services) other more affordable options include: a Random Selection of Schools, a Stratified Sample (e.g., Low vs. High Achievement Schools), or Alternate Annual Assessment of Targeted Schools (Purposive Sampling). Give us a call today to discuss the sampling options that will work best for you.

We are required to do an Alcohol, tobacco, and other Drug (ATOD) survey for the Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools. How can MDED help us meet this requirement?

In addition to the Multi-Dimensional Assessment (MDA7.0), MDED also can add our MD2009 ATOD Survey to your multi-dimensional assessment efforts. This will allow you to collect the ATOD data you need and also have MDA data that can help you better understand what is happening in your schools.

How can we afford to do this with all of the education budget cuts happening across the country?

There are a number of federal dollars that you will continue to receive despite the cuts to state education budgets. In your yearly plans for the spending of Title One, Five, Seven, and Nine you can incorporate the MDA as a way to help you and your school systems use data to better understand the impact these Title funds are having on your students and schools. In addition, you can write MDED and the MDA into your yearly plans as a budget item within those Title expenditures.